Gases imported by the company are liquid organic mixtures of hydrocarbons (C3-C4), consisting mostly of propane, butane, and isobutane. Under the pressure of own vapours at a temperature of approximately 10°C (293 K), these gases become liquid. Liquid gases are divided into three main group:

  • technical butane C4H10, identified by the B symbol – calorific value (kJ/kg) not less than 44 800, density at a temperature of 15° C (Mg/m3 ) not less than 0.564, butane content at least 90%;
  • propane-technical butane mixture, identified with the B/P symbol – calorific value (kJ/kg) not less than 45 220, density at a temperature of 15° C (Mg/m3 ) not less than 0.500, contains from 18% to 55% of propane and 45% of butane;
  • technical propane C3H8, identified with the P symbol – calorific value (kJ/kg) not less than 45 640, density at a temperature of 15.6° C (Mg/m3 ) not less than 0.495, containing at least 90% of propane.

Liquefied gas is colourless, and its density is approximately 1.8 times smaller than water density. The specific volume of liquefied gas is low as compared to its gaseous phase (propane approximately 1: 260), therefore it is easy to store in tanks.

Bialchem is one of the leading direct importers and distributors of liquefied petroleum gas in Poland. The company offers direct deliveries by road tank cars, railway tank cars, and in gas cylinders. With our own gas distribution centres across the whole country, we deliver various top quality gas products to our Customers. The gas we supply is used in all industry branches. Also, we distribute LPG gas, mainly to gas stations that operate in accordance with the highest national and EU standards. We guarantee premium quality of our gas products, confirmed by national certificates and external analyses in approved testing laboratories.

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Characteristics of propane-butane
Characteristics of propane
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