The Bialchem Group Reloading Terminal

The Bialchem Group Reloading Terminal is in Wólka Dobryńska 159 in the Bialski powiat (Lubelskie voivodeship). Owing to the location at route E-30 (12 km from a Poland-Belarus border crossing), access to the terminal is easy and efficient for carriers from the whole country.

The whole area of more than 25 ha is fenced and lit, and monitored by a security company to ensure that the entrusted goods are safe.

The Bialchem Group Transhipment Terminal offers to its Customers 24-hour logistic service, trans-shipment and storage of the following goods:

  • hard coal (along with sorting)
  • cement (along with packaging)
  • mineral fertilizers (along with packaging)
  • loose materials (agricultural and industrial)
  • wood, steel, and other in collective and bulky packages

We offer trans-shipment services for propane-butane gas between a wide track railroad car and a tank truck, a wide track railroad car and a normal track car.

We have our own side track (both wide-track and regular-track, with a capacity of more than 100 cars), ramps and cargo handling equipment (an overhead crane for trans-shipment of bulk materials), picking and packing devices, weighing and bagging machines, sorting devices etc.

We also provide goods storing service in a 40,000 m2 firm-surface-yard, on pallets and under foil hoods, in our warehouses (6,000 m2) and in an open customs warehouse.

We ensure full supervision, and we offer the presence of a customer’s representative at trans-shipments.

We guarantee high quality services, competitive prices, qualified personnel, and reliable and timely operation.

No idea where and how transship? Contact us. We specialise in atypical transshipments.