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Granulated potassium salt 60% K2O

Potassium is one of necessary nutrients for plants, located in soil. Due to the ease of combining potassium with oxygen and water, this element is not present in nature in its free state, but only in the form of various compounds. The main ingredient of the product is potassium chloride (KCl), received from non-treated potassium salts. Granular potassium salt contains 60% (m/m) of potassium per water-soluble K2O. It was confirmed that potassium stimulates more than 40 various enzymatic processes in a plant, among others, it participates in the synthesis of proteins, and carbohydrates. Various functions of potassium, and its content in the soil determine the growth and proper development of plants. With severe deficiency of potassium, plants face inhibited growth, withering, yellowing, and, as a consequence, dying.

BIALFOSKA NPK(S) 8-­19-­29 + 3%S

a product obtained in a chemical process, without any addition of organic substances of plant and animal origin. Total nutrient content % (m/m): 56% (N+P 2 O5+K2 O), particular nutrient content % (m/m): 8% N, 19% P2 O5, 29% K2 O, and 3% S. The NPK (S) 8-19-29 (3) fertilizer is classified as a multi-component fertilizer. Because it contains all three basic nutrients, it is a very attractive product. With such a mix applied to the soil, it becomes richer in macrocomponents, and a plant, from the beginning of its growth and development, has good development conditions.

BIALFOSKA NPK(S) 5-20-30 +3%S

a product obtained in the process of mixing, without any addition of organic substances of plant and animal origin. Total nutrient content % (m/m): 55% (N+P 2 O5+K2 O), particular nutrient content % (m/m): 5% N, 20% P2 O5,  30% K2 O, and 3% S. The product is to be used before sowing, to be mixed with the soil, but may also be used for top dressing in spring. Intended for use in the cultivation of all field crops, and green arable lands. It works particularly well for corn, rapeseed, and sugar beet cultivation.

BIALFOSKA NPK(S) 7-20-30 +2%S

is a highly concentrated fertilizer in the form of granules containing all the basic nutrients: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus (as much as 57%) necessary for plant life processes. The fertilizer was additionally enriched with sulfur, positively affecting the plant nitrogen metabolism.The nutrients available in the fertilizer are easily soluble in water, so that they can be taken up by the plants quickly and efficiently.Homogeneous graining guarantees precise fertilizer spreading, thanks to which each plant has an easy access to the nutrients that are applied.

Urea with a content of 46% N

a fertilizer containing 46% of nitrogen (N), significantly hygroscopic and with acid reaction. Urea is a universal fertilizer, fit for various kinds of soils, for fertilizing of all cultivated plants. It is not recommended however, to use it on highly alkaline and acidic soils, and freshly limed soils.