20-40 mm

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grain coal fraction 80-200 mm, the coal with the highest calorific value, it is characterized by a low ash content, and long heat content;

80-200 mm
Nut coal

grain coal fraction 40-80 mm, the so-called coarse coal, flame coal, burning with long-lasting and bright flame, it is characterized by a low ash content, and a low sulphur content, which protects furnaces;

40-80 mm
Pea coal

grain coal fraction 20-40 mm, medium type coal with a high calorific value, and a low ash and sulphur content;

20-40 mm
Eco pea coal

grain coal fraction 8-25 mm, medium type coal, flame coal, which in its combustion process burns with long-lasting bright flame. Thanks to its low sulphur content, it is more friendly to the environment and prevents furnace fouling. Bialchem sells eco pea coal in bulk and in 25 kg bags;

8-25 mm
Fine coal

grain coal fraction 1-20 mm, a fine coal characterized by a high heat content and fit for boilers with diverse heating power, both for furnaces with automatic feeders, and traditional furnaces;

1-20 mm